About Amaana

Since its inauguration in 2003, by the Grace of Allah, Amaana Tours has become a leading travel agency specialising in services in Hajj and Umrah. Built upon a promise of honesty and an exemplary customer focused service, Amaana Tours prides itself on delivering a high quality services at competitive rates.

At Amaana Tours we recognise that Hajj and Umrah are journeys that are undertaken as acts of Worship for Allah and therefore the services we provide must contain the highest level of transparency and our packages must allow you to maximise the benefits of your journey and enable you to concentrate on that which is important.

At Amaana Tours making a profit is not our primary goal. Therefore we aim to make our packages great value for money, providing the necessities and a touch more for a smooth and stress free pilgrimage. Coupled with this, our staff and dedicated tour guides (on Hajj Tours only) will be at hand to make your journey as hassle free as possible allowing you to absorb and enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

So if you are ready to plan your journey of a lifetime or you just want some honest advice in relation to Hajj and Umrah contact us now.