Hajj FAQ’s


Is the Hajj sacrifice included? If not, how do I arrange it?
It is not included as a part of the package. It can be arranged via our suppliers for a cost of approximately £120 per person. Announcements will be made regarding this before leaving Madinah.
How do I purchase Zam Zam Water?
Zam zam water will be available at the airport for 9 riyals when we are departing from Saudi Arabia to head back to the UK. The airline will only allow one per person due to IATA laws.
What is the booking process?
To secure your place, complete the booking form and make payment of the deposit. Once both have been received you will receive your paperwork which will include a booking confirmation and payment receipt.
What happens once I have booked?
Once you have booked, we will send you a receipt of payment along with a confirmation documents stating details of your package.
When will I get my visa?
Visas are issued by the Saudi Embassy in the last 2-3 weeks leading up to your departure date. We aim to return your documents to you at our Hajj seminar.
How many people do you take?
We take 320 people for Hajj and this is spilt into our separate packages

Will there be women helpers?
Yes, we have a team of tour guides including women.
Will I be accompanied throughout the tour?
Our team performs Hajj with the group, so during all group activities and rites of Hajj, you will always have a member of the team at hand.
Who are your religious guides?
This year we have Mufti Menk, Shaykh Haitham al-Haddad and Shaykh Ali Hammuda.
Will there be lectures?
Yes, we have a rich programme of lectures, workshops and reminders to keep you focused about the spiritual journey you are undertaking.
What language are announcements and lectures in?
All announcements and communications are in English.
Do I need to be physically fit?
Yes, Hajj can be physically demanding. You should be able to walk for at least 60-90 minutes. Wheelchairs can be used however please note that you must have someone to push it for you.
What is Aziziyah and why do I need to stay there?
Aziziyah is a district in Makkah. We stay there for 2 days before Hajj and 2 days after hajj as the dates for Hotel check ins are done in blocks which start on the 15th of Dhul Hijjah.
Is Qurbani included in the package?
No, however we do make arrangements for our group and one of our staff witnesses the sacrifice taking place. Payments are taken inside Saudi whilst in Madinah.
Is the visa guaranteed?
Our company receives an allocation of visas from the Ministry of Hajj. After that, we simply add your names to that allocations. Please do note that visas cannot be termed as guaranteed for individuals, as the Kingdom may refuse visas for any number of undisclosed reasons.
Do I need a mahram to travel with you?
Yes, Islamic law requires women travelling for Hajj to be accompanied by a mahram.
What if I need a wheelchair?
If you require one permanently, then of course you would bring one with you. If it is required for certain times, or for certain rites of Hajj – you can purchase a wheelchair in Saudi for around £40-£70, or you can hire one with a helper for varied prices throughout. Please note that our team will be able to assist in terms of showing you where to purchase a wheelchair from, but we will not be able to dedicate someone to push the wheelchair.
When do I need to pay?
After an initial deposit of £2000 to secure your place, the final balance must be cleared 10 weeks prior to the travel date.
What are the passport requirements?
The passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the travel date. For example, if the trip is in July, your passport must be valid until at least February of the following year.
Can a non-British passport holder travel with you?
Yes, as long as they have residency in the UK and are able to prove this via a residency stamp or permit card, along with a utility bill for an address in the UK in their name.
Are you ATOL protected?
Yes, our ATOL number is XXXXXX
Are you registered with the Ministry of Hajj?
Do you provide AC in Mina and Arafah?
Our Saudi Service providers do have AC in Mina and Arafat.
How far are your tents from the jamarat?
We are based in the European section which is one hour walk to the Jamaraat area.
Do you provide Zamzam and Ihram?
We do not provide zamzam and ihram however, ihram can be purchased either here in the uk at our Hajj seminar or in Madinah and zamzam can be purchased at the airport in Jeddah.
Can I book my own flight?
No, all flights must be included with the package we sell, however, if there is an issue with the dates provided, please contact the office to see what arrangements are possible.

Are you registered with the Ministry of Hajj?
Yes, we are registered with the Ministry of Hajj. Our registration number is 2854