Is the Hajj sacrifice included? If not, how do I arrange it?

It is not included as a part of the package.  It can be arranged via our suppliers for a cost of approximately £95 per person.  Announcements will be made regarding this before leaving Madinah.

How do I purchase zam zam?

You can purchase it from many of the shops located in the malls around the Haram, or you can arrange for the hotel porter to deliver it to your room for an additional fee.  Announcements will be made about this during the last phase of the tour.

Should I change pounds to Riyals in the UK, or in Saudi?

We would advise that each person changes around £30 into riyals whilst in the UK.  This will cover any personal situation that may arise.  After that, you can change the remainder of your pounds at one of many exchange bureaus located around the Haram in both Makkah and Madinah.

Can I share a tent with my family in Mina?

Tents are segregated for men and women, and can be more accurately described as permanent marquees that you may be used to seeing in weddings and outdoor functions.  Due to this, you will not be able to share a tent with anyone of the opposite gender.

Where are your tents in Mina?

As with the majority of groups from the UK, we use tents in the European section.  Our tents are located approximately 45 minutes walk to the jamaraat area.  Our tents are within the special services section which offer 24 hour hot and cold drinks and other catering facilities.

Can you reserve a room for me which has a Haram view?

We are unable to guarantee specific views in advance as all rooms are allocated by the hotel upon arrival.  If at the time, we receive rooms with a Haram view, they will be allocated randomly.

Will the hotels we book with be guaranteed?

At time of booking, all hotels are guaranteed.  If for any unforeseen circumstance the hotel cannot supply the rooms, we will accommodate you in an upgraded hotel as close as possible.

Is the room occupancy guaranteed?

Once your booking is confirmed, the chosen allocation of room occupancy is guaranteed in hotels in both Makkah and Madinah.

What happens if I become ill during the tour?

Our Hajj team comprises of a paramedic and a doctor.  They will be on hand for any eventualities that commonly occur during the tour.  If you have a specific condition that requires regular medication and/or support, please provide details upon your booking.  Most medications are available for you to purchase over the counter.

Can I reserve a place on the tour?

All reservations need to be accompanied by a booking form and deposit to become confirmed.  Packages are usually sold out well before Ramadan, so we advise early bookings.