Tours FAQ’s

What is the booking process?
Once you have selected the tour you wish to go on, pay the required deposit and your place will be confirmed.
What happens once I have booked?
Once you have booked, we will send you a receipt of payment along with a confirmation document stating details of your package.
When will I get my visa?
Usually a few days after you have booked, or in the case of a foreign passport it will be 2 weeks prior to the travel date.
How many people do you take?
Group sizes vary between 20-80 people.
Will I be accompanied throughout the tour?
Yes, a member of our team will be at hand for all group transfers and activities.
Who are your religious guides?
They vary for each tour. Previous religious guides have included Mufti Menk, Shaykh Haitham, Shaykh Ali Hammuda, Shaykh Asim Khan and others.
Will there be lectures?
Yes, all our tours come with lectures and religious guides to help you maximise the benefits of your umrah.
What language are announcements and lectures in?
All announcements and lectures are in English.
Is the visa guaranteed?
All visas are based on application success. IF the visa is rejected from the Saudi authorities, there is no explanation or refund offered from them.
Do I need a mahram to travel with you?
Yes, a Mahram is needed to travel with us.
What if I need a wheelchair?
If you require one permanently, then of course you would bring one with you. If it is required some of the time, or for certain rites of Hajj – you can purchase a wheel chair in Saudi for around £40-£70, or you can hire one with a helper for varied prices throughout. Please note that our team will be able to assist in terms of showing you where to purchase a wheelchair from, but we will not be able to dedicate someone to push the wheelchair.
When do I need to pay?
A deposit is required to secure your place with the remaining balance payable 8 weeks prior to the tour date.
What are the passport requirements?
The passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the travel date. For example, if the trip is in July, your passport must be valid until at least February of the following year.
Can a non-British passport holder travel with you?
Yes, as long as they have residency in the UK and are able to prove this via a residency stamp or permit card, along with a utility bill for an address in the UK in their name.
Are you ATOL protected?
Yes, we are ATOL protected. Our ATOL number is 10602.
Do you provide Zamzam and Ihram?
No, we do not provide zamzam and ihram. However, you can purchase ihram at our umrah seminar and you can purchase zamzam at the airport before returning to the uk.
Can I book my own flight?
No, because we have fixed dates for our tours. If there is an issue with the dates, please contact the office to make other arrangements.