Umrah FAQ’s

How Umrah Works

Umrah Visas
Due to the new Umrah system we require a minimum of 10 working days to process Umrah visas. To see the requirement to process Umrah visas click here.

Amaana Tours is happy to be at your service in booking a large variety of flights to Jeddah or Madinah at competitive prices. So if you would like a direct flight or if you want a flight that allows you to visits another destination (like Cairo or Dubai) on your way to/from Saudi Arabia or if you want a flight that takes you to an onward destination then speak to one of our representatives now on 0208 472 9443. You can get sample prices for Jeddah here.

Hotels and Packages
Recognising that individuals and families want to concentrate on the reason behind their trip (worship of Allah) we at Amaana Tours together with our Saudi agents recognise the importance of providing tours and tailor made packages that are created to provide you with your exact requirements. Join one of our tours, or we can tailor, in accordance with your needs, good quality budget packages and high-end deluxe packages where only the best will do. Tailor made packages can also be made as short or as long as your require with the trimmings your require. To discuss your package and to receive a free no-obligation quote contact us now byclicking here or call us on 0208 472 9443.

We have also made available a number of sample packages to give you an idea of prices for different hotel ranges. See our sample packages or contact us now for your free no obligation quote.

What is better - Tour v's Tailor made
This depends on your preference. We find people who are travelling for the first time to Umrah or as individuals sometimes prefer to be a part of a group.
How long does it take to get an Umrah visa?
With the new tourist e-visa, it takes one working day.
What is the booking process?
We send you a quote via email. IF you would like to proceed, simply email us and we will send you an invoice to pay before your package is confirmed.
When do I have to make payments?
A deposit amount which covers the flight costs is usually a minimum, however sometimes the full payment is required upon booking if the travel date is within 6 weeks.
Can I book my own flight?
Yes, for the tailor made packages you can book your own flight.

How long do I need to go Umrah for?
It is flexible. The actual Umrah takes one day, however we do recommend at least 5 days to benefit from the rewards of being in the Holy cities.
Will I be accompanied on my Umrah trip?
Tailor made packages do not have a tour guide accompanying the trip.
Do you provide Ziyarah?
Yes, we do provide ziyarah.
What places are visited on Ziyarah?
In Madinah, we visit Masjid Quba, the Mountain of Uhud and Masjid Qiblatain. In Makkah, we visit the hajj sites, mount Hira and other historic sites.
How will I find details of my transport?
You will be issued with a hotel and transport voucher document – it has all the details you will need.
What if there is an emergency out of office hours?
We have a 24 hour emergency line in Saudi as well as a mobile number in the UK.